South Metro Fire Rescue Election 2020

Apr 26, 2020 | 1 minute to read

It’s election time here again. On May 5 2020, we’re deciding who should be on the South Metro Fire Rescue Authority’s Board.

Per the Authority’s web page on the election:

New South Metro Fire Rescue (SMFR) board district lines were recently adopted to adjust to the newly-expanded South Metro boundaries with the inclusions of Littleton Fire Rescue and Cunningham Fire Protection District. The South Metro Fire Rescue Board of Directors – who represent the citizens, businesses and visitors in the District – will now be composed of 7 members.

There will be an election in May 2020 for director districts that are open, and this will be a mail-ballot election. The election was called to fill 4 of the 7 director districts (three seats are currently filled until 2022). Currently, terms for SMFR board members are 4 years, and there are no term limits, although the 2020 election will only be a 3-year term as elections transition to odd years.

Here is a handy link then to each ccandidate' Bio, in a PDF you can download and read offline:

Stay home, stay safe, and vote by mail, friends.

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