De-Googling my life - step 1

Dec 30, 2023 | 1 minute to read

I made this list of the Google services I am still using today. As many others are doing now, I’d like to de-google my life wherever possible.

Android Autonone But I can just avoid using it.
Android OStbdNeed a new non-Android phone
CalendartbdOr another email / calendar provider
ContactstbdNeed to find a new email provider 
DocsPaperlessNeed to migrate my docs and then stop using it 
DriveSyncthing + Wireguard
GmailtbdNeed to find a new email provider 
Google MapstbdOpenStreetMap and others are OK but don’t have the business data. This is going to be the hardest thing to give up.
Google PhotosImmichAlready using Immich
Google PlayF-DroidAlready stopped pulling apps from their store 
TranslateDeepLNeed an app on my phone next 
YouTubePeerTube, InvidiousJust need to cut myself off entirely – with help from Pi-hole.
YouTube MusicSpotifyPaying for Spotify, should use it more

Now I just need to find the alternatives, get started using them and ween myself off of the Goog services. I’ll try to post my progress over time.

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