New bike! Cannondale CAAD Sora 2020

May 15, 2020 | 2 minutes to read

Woohoo! For the longest time, I’ve wanted a new bike. I have a 2008 Trek 7.2FX hybrid now and I love it, but lately I’ve been out on the local trails, and I routinely get passed by guys on road bikes. And they’re my age and approximate fitness level too! I figured out that it wasn’t them or me (of course not!) - it was the bike. My hybrid weighs about 32 pounds and has 35mm wide tires. That makes it pretty slow by comparison to most road bikes.

So I did some shopping around and finally settled on this beauty.

My new ride!

That is the Cannondale CAAD Optimo with Shimano Sora components, less than 22 pounds, with 25mm wide tires & a 58cm frame and with the midnight blue color scheme. I’ve ridden it about 5 times so far and it’s grrrrrrrrrrrreat. So much faster than my Trek hybrid and it flies up hills. Well, it’s much easier now at least. And I had the shop put some nice bi-polar (as I call them) Shimano pedals on it, so I can ride clipped-in or with regular flat shoes and still be stylin' everywhere I go.

Speaking of the shop - a shout out to the nice folks at Pedal in Littleton. They hooked me up and answered all my questions, even with the partial lockdown in place and I really appreciated their help in picking everything out.

Cheers! And happy rides to you all.

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